A2I Communications

New DirectAdmin server jade-new.rahul.net

All DirectAdmin accounts have been replicated on this new DirectAdmin server in the cloud:

You should be able to log in with the same usrname and password as on the old server jade.rahul.net or sunshine.rahul.net.

Please see this Google Doc for migration hints:

If you encounter any difficulties, please post here.


Note. This new server has ipv6 enabled, so you can connect via ipv4 (the existing protocol on the Internet, IP addresses running out) or via ipv6 (the new one with unlimited numbers of IP addresses). Your web browser will normally use either protocol without you having to know about it.

For debugging purposes, in the unlikely event that your web browser tries to use ipv6 and somehow fails, you can make it use ipv4 by going to one of the following URLs instead:

The second URL above will give you an SSL certificate warning.


You can make your web browser use an ipv6 connection by going to:

This will work only if your web browser, computer, network, and connectivity provider all support ipv6.

Classic Linux and billing fixes to follow soon.

DNS for all DirectAdmin accounts will be shortly switched to point to the new server. If this causes problems, you can always log into the new server and switch it back until you can complete migration.

[ This problem is now fixed — please see the next message. ]

There is a webmail client called Roundcube built into the new DirectAdmin, but it may yield SSL certificate errors. Try this alternative Roundcube URL:

Also, please go to Settings => Identities and set your From email address, as Roundcube might not automatically get that right.

This and other minor issues are being addressed.

To work around the SSL certificate issue involving Roundcube webmail, names have been slightly changed.

To access your DirectAdmin control panel, please go to:

From within the E-mail Accounts menu, you can click on the icon to the right of any mailbox and be connected to Roundcube webmail.

You should not see any SSL certificate errors.

For DNS purposes, please continue to use the name servers:

(The old URL https://jade-new.rahul.net:2222/ will still get you to DirectAdmin but will give you an SSL certificate error.)

Optionally, you can also go to the ipv4- or ipv6-specific URL: