A2I Communications

Selected account suspensions

We will be selectively suspending accounts on the new DirectAdmin server jade-new.rahul.net if they appear to be abandoned or hacked or are collecting undeliverable email. Accounts will be un-suspended as soon as we know the account is not abandoned or that the problem will be addressed.

You will be directed to this page if you contact us about a suspended account so you can get some background information. If you are directed to this page, please also see these other relevant links:

Hi. Could you tell me if my account KL7 is active, and if so, how I could get a login password reset?
If no such account exists or is suspended, would you please send account set-up info to my yahoo e-mail? Very much appreciated.

Thanks kindly,

Hi, kl7 is on our Classic Linux servers and it exists and not suspended. Try aqua.rahul.net.