A2I Communications

Spam and backscatter

We are being listed by the Spamhaus CSS block list (see: https://www.spamhaus.org/css/) and that may cause problems sending mail to some sites.

If you are forwarding mail, please see instructions on this page:

If you wish to forward mail and are not sure how to do it with procmail so spam is not also forwarded, please ask us at support@billing.rahul.net to set it up for you in a .procmailrc file. Once it’s set up you can add more forwarding entries using copy-and-paste in the same file.

(We will eventually have a nicer way of doing this from a web interface.)

Will you be able to get us delisted from the Spamhaus block list?

They had listed the ipv6 address for aqua-new.rahul.net but not its ipv4 address. Now removed.

But these things are dynamic and automatic … and if we don’t keep backscatter down to nearly or exactly zero, we could be added back at any time.

We now have an improved system in place in the Classic Linux environment.

Discarding bounced spam automatically

It will try to detect bounced spam and discard it so it does not become backscatter.

I reported one of my recent spate of spam as spam on the Google Mail platform.
It is spoofed as coming from rahul . net. I would hope that the spam filters are smarter than that, but I do have a bunch in my GMail spam folder that all look reasonable for someone that just transitioned to a new platform, and they seem to be coincident with the start of the new servers.

I will bundle and forward a few for the new spam AI that was noted earlier.

Simply select a bunch of spam messages, and forward them as an attachment to the spam-recognizing email address: spamtrap@rahul.net