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Self-learning anti-spam system in Classic Linux

Our anti-spam system in the Classic Linux environment is now quite effectively using self-learning to recognize spam. Also called Bayesian filtering. You can help it learn even more effectively. Please see:

Teaching the system to recognize spam or not-spam.

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Does .forward occur after Rahul spam filtering?

I was using a Pop3 retrieval to fetch email from Rahul.
If the retrieving system detected spam, it would leave the message on Rahul.
I would occasionally > /var/mail/USER
I could bundle those messages and send them to spamtrap to be helpful.

When I moved to the new-rahul, I put a .forward file in place, so there is no mail in the /var/mail/USER. Instead, they are trapped in the spam folder on the system that receives them as forwarded email from rahul.

I don’t know if there is more, or less, or unaffected difference in amount of spam detected.
Does .forward occur after Rahul spam filtering?

This is a very good question. It deserves a thorough answer, which will not be a simple yes or no. I will update one of our info pages soon and will follow up with a link, soon.

I saved five emails as Spam1-5.eml from GMail.
I sent them to spamtrap@Rahul.net but the delivery was blocked by GMail.

I used cubemail to attach the files and submit them.

The promised answer to the question of whether .forward occurs after spam filtering is now available on this page: