A2I Communications

Selected Classic Linux servers going offline by January 5

Some of our Classic Linux servers will be going offline by January 5, 2021.

  • nitrogen.rahul.net
  • green.rahul.net
  • maya.rahul.net

Each of these has a redundant partner, so no functionality will be lost. But the load on each may go up. The redundant pairs are:

  • nitrogen.rahul.net(going offline) and oxygen.rahul.net (staying online for a while)
  • green.rahul.net (going offline) and mauve.rahul.net (staying online for a while)
  • maya.rahul.net (going offline) and aqua.rahul.net (staying online for a while)

The intent here is the same that retail stores have when they flash their overhead lights a little before closing time. It’s to make sure you don’t forget that all old servers will be shutting down soon. If you haven’t taken steps described in our Classic Linux migration document (below), please do so now.

All old servers will be shut down probably before January 25.