A2I Communications

Routing to spam of *.usenet.us.com, nojunk.rahul.net, email.rahul.net, ether.rahul.net

The domains listed below were used in the past for anti-spam purposes. However, so far can be told, 100% of all mail arriving for these domains is spam.


So some time in the near future, all email arriving for addresses in these domains will be either rejected during SMTP or accepted and fed it to our spam filter so it can better learn to recognize spam.

If you expect to receive non-spam mail in any of these domains, we can set up special processing for your email address(s), if you so request, so that mail will be accepted and delivered to you.

At this time, the boxmail.com domain will still function normally, so mail arriving in that domain will still be delivered normally. In the future, this domain too might be treated as a spam-only domain, and as above, user-requested special processing will be possible.

Quite true for the usenet.us.com address. All spam for me.
The others, I hadn’t implemented until my ~30 year old @rahul.net was already in popular use, so those weren’t used by me very often.

I would like for boxmail.com to remain. It isn’t a source of spam to me, merely because spammers don’t seem to buy and sell the addresses the way they did once upon a time.

There was an mp3 download service that started as legitimate site, maybe from Adaptec.com or something, I forget. But I do recall adding a spam filter for them, as they obvioulsy resold my address, or it was harvested somehow.