A2I Communications

Problems with smtp on aqua-new.rahul.net?

As of yesterday, sending mail using Thunderbird through aqua-new.rahul.net is taking a very long time: around 80 seconds on my last test sending an empty email. It does ultimately complete, but until now I hadn’t been patient enough. The sending mail progress bar reports that it has connected, but sits at 0% complete for 80+ seconds.

Anyone else having this problem? Has smtp via aqua-new been deprecated?

I can confirm that there seems to be an ongoing issue causing slow-ness. At first glance it looks like our server is being hammered by excessive traffic from multiple IP addresses. This happened once before in the past and then the problem went away after a while. Being further investigated.

I’m pretty sure the problem is now fixed. I switched to new DNS servers as it appeared that the previous DNS servers, those automatically configured by our cloud provider, were not responding quickly enough.

To be followed up to make sure this is a permanent fix.

I am not sure that the problem is solved. Still being investigated.

After aqua-new was rebooted, the problem seems to be solved. But I’m still following up to make sure it remains solved.

So far as I can tell, this problem seems to be now solved. So this issue is now considered closed.

If anybody notices the problem again, please be sure to report it.