A2I Communications

Oldest machine old bolero.rahul.net

FYI, to whomever it may concern. The oldest machine on our network, previously known as bolero.rahul.net and still pingable at for another day or two, is a Sun SPARCstation-20. It held the master copy of the password file and was an active DNS server until about a year ago.

What is truly amazing about this machine is that it has been continuously online since 1998 and has never failed. It still has its original 100 MB boot disk. That is 100 MB, not 100 GB. I saved its sign-on message:

SunOS Release 4.1.3_U1 (std4m) #4: Tue Aug 11 02:09:40 PDT 1998

They don’t make hardware like they used to. I’ve never heard of another hard disk drive that spun continuously with no read or write errors for 22 years.