A2I Communications

Old servers no more incoming mail from outside

The old servers maya.rahul.net and aqua.rahul.net will no longer accept smtp connections from the outside. So there will be no more incoming mail from the outside.

The intent is to prevent your incoming mailbox on the old servers from having any more new mail in it from the outside. Any server trying to send mail to our old servers will be unable to connect, and will keep mail queued for some time, usually one to three days. Then it will bounce back to the sender.

All domains should have been switched by now to point to the new servers. The only mail arriving for the old servers should have been spam.

Some time between now and the 20th, when everything will be shut down, you may want to check for incoming mail on the old servers, just in case there is anything there that you missed.

My Gmail attempt to fetch email failed this morning on pop.rahul.net.
I don’t see any suggestions about smtp or pop3 or iMap on the migration pages.
Were the server names migrated, but require the new passwords?
Are there new instructions?

I found the “Classic Linux Ports” page via discourse conversations.
I wasn’t able to search for “pop3” on the migration pages.

Should be added to the migration instructions.

I will add mention of POP3 and IMAP4 too, so they can be found in a search.