A2I Communications

New Classic Linux server for initial testing

We are beginning to migrate our Classic Linux environment into the cloud. You may begin to migrate your custom domain to the new server. This is for initial testing only, and entirely optional.

If you would like to migrate your custom domain now, either reply here, or send an email to support@rahul.net, with the following information:

Your Classic Linux login name,
and the name of each domain
that you want to migrate.

Note: mailboxes and websites in the rahul.net domain will remain on the old servers at this time.

Our new Classic Linux environment in the cloud looks like this:

  • Ubuntu Linux 20.04 (instead of the old CentOS 5).
  • Virtualmin GPL control panel.
  • Installatron to allow automatic installation of many software packages.

I picked Ubuntu because it remains much more up-to-date than CentOS, and has a lot more software packages included.

Virtualmin GPL was the only control panel I found that will peacefully coexist with the mailboxes and mail aliases in the rahul.net domain that we already have in the existing Classic Linux environment. This will let you keep your old email aliases in the new environment.

Virtualmin GPL seems to have quite a few bugs, but I think we can work around them. (I also tested Virtualmin Pro, the commercial version. Its advantages over the GPL version were not great, and it has the same bugs. May still upgrade to Pro in the future.)

Existing rahul.net mailboxes and websites will be (eventually) migrated. Virtualmin requires every account in the new environment to have least one domain of its own. So each Classic Linux username xxxxx will get a subdomain xxxx.onthisweb.com, which you can use or not use as you prefer.

Also, the Virtualmin environment, even though there’s a control panel, will focus on those who thrive in a command-line Linux shell environment. If you prefer to stay within a web interface, and not have to use the command line, DirectAdmin is the preferred environment.

If you previously had a DirectAdmin account, that is already available on the new server jade-new.rahul.net as previously announced.

Our billing system is in the process of being upgraded and transferred to a new server in the cloud. Once that is done, each existing customer will be asked to bring their account up to date by paying for two years of service. [Note 1] The price of services on the Internet has come down a lot. So two years at the old rate seems reasonable (maybe a bit too low) for many years of service up to now. In return for payment, your account will continue to get approximately the same level or service (or maybe more) for one more year.[Note 2]

Before that one more year expires we will have a new set of services and prices in place.

Also note that the new services are provided by a new legal entity, a Wyoming corporation called A2I Communications. So by migrating your services to the new servers you are agreeing to this. The upgraded billing system will be a new one owned by this corporation, and all bills will be paid there. Therefore don’t pay anything right now, to avoid confusion. Also, do not mail any payments to our old mailing address.

[Note 1] Any payments we got from you in the interim will be credited to you. You may end up with a refund if you already paid for more than two years. We’ll contact you with details.

[Note 2] Edited: Changed additional six months to one more year.

As part of the migration into the cloud, the support email address support@rahul.net is being discontinued. The new support email address is support@billing.rahul.net.

Email to support@rahul.net will bounce and the bounce will tell you that support@rahul.net has moved to support@billing.rahul.net.

Classic Linux migration into the cloud is coming soon. There will not be a mass transfer of all accounts. Instead, individual accounts will be transferred one by one, on user request.

  • Please go to the new billing system at https://billing.rahul.net/ and log in, and check the services listed under your account (including both Classic Linux and DirectAdmin services), and make sure our billing system records are correct.

  • Then please open a ticket, mention “migration” in the subject, and mention your Classic Linux login name, and list any custom domains that you are using in the Classic Linux environment.

You will get an automatic reply, and then after that you will get a brief manual reply acknowledging that your account will be migrated when the time comes.

Once migration begins, only those accounts will be migrated for which there is an open ticket as above.

The purpose is to leave behind old and abandoned accounts, of which there are many, and migrate only active users. Also, your listing your login name and domains will provide a helpful check to make sure nothing is accidentally forgotten.

Actual migration will occur in a few weeks.