A2I Communications

More Classic Linux servers going offline, on January 12

The following Classic Linux servers will be going offline on January 12:

Remaining online and still accepting incoming mail:

Usenet News on the old servers will remain available until near the very end.

www.rahul.net seems to be down too (https://archive.vn/BiiNM), which I didn’t expect from my reading of the announcement.

Strictly speaking it’s under construction, not down.

That is the default ~/.www.rahul.net/index.html you get, until you delete it or replace it.

I hadn’t realized my URL (http://www.rahul.net/flash/) was pointing to the new files so soon. It looks like I’ll have to clean up my previously-mentioned over-quota difficulties first:

flash@aqua-new:~$ cp ~/OLD/www/index.html /home/$USER/.www.rahul.net/

cp: error writing ‘/home/flash/.www.rahul.net/index.html’: Disk quota exceeded