A2I Communications

Mail routing changes in boxmail.com for Classic Linux

The following Classic Linux changes are now being done.

Mail arriving for addresses in the domain boxmail.com and all of its subdomains will now be received by the new host aqua-new.rahul.net (which will become our main Classic Linux server soon). Most spam in such mail will be rejected by aqua-new.rahul.net. Mail not rejected as spam will then be forwarded to our old Classic Linux servers aqua.rahul.net and maya.rahul.net.

If you have any valid email addresses within boxmail.com, than your incoming mail should remain unaffected, other than being routed differently.

(If this system works reliably, then the same will be done for all mail in the rahul.net domain. The intent is to have all incoming mail to be eventually accepted by aqua-new.rahul.net. And then, user accounts can be moved to aqua-new.rahul.net without loss of incoming mail.)

Mail for all addresses in the rahul.net domain and every *.rahul.net subdomain is now being changed to be first received by the new Classic Linux server aqua-new.rahul.net. Blatant spam will be rejected at that point, and then mail will be transferred to the old Classic Linux servers. All such mail is expected to be delivered normally on the old servers, but with slightly different headers.

If you are reporting a new mail problem in a rahul.net address, please mention that you have read this page. Otherwise you will be referred to this page.