A2I Communications

If something happens to you

Over the decades A2I Communications the small business and now A2I Communications the corporation have had some customers pass away.

This is not the type of thing you want to think about too much, but when it happens, we have to figure out how to best cope with it.

We don’t want to give access to your private data to just anybody who makes a claim over it. We also don’t want to come in the way of grieving family and friends who just want to do the right thing.

Please follow the instructions on the following page:

Customers who don’t do this will eventually be reminded to do so.


That info page could contain a link to “open a ticket”, under the text of “log into our billing system”.

When invoking a similar practice on Facebook and GMail, a message is sent to the person named. I think they have the opportunity to accept or reject the assignment.

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I added a link in “Please log into our billing system” so that gets you one step closer.

Free services like Facebook and Gmail let you have an automatic notification sent if your account remains idle too long.

In our case, there is no such thing as an account remaining idle too long. So long as you are paying the bill, your account can remain completely idle, with you never logging in, but it won’t be considered as idle too long.

If you stop paying the bill, and after some reminders still don’t pay the bill, then your account will be suspended and eventually deleted. If you have an “If something happens to me” ticket on file, we will only use that if somebody shows up and claims that they should get access to your account. We won’t contact anybody on our own.

People tend to have many free accounts, some of which they don’t even remember any more. But people generally have far fewer paid accounts, and they rarely forget about these. Just make sure people closest to you know where to go to access your data.