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Disk quota warning for CL1G users (and others)

If after the migration you have a CL1G account, you disk quota is set at 1 GB. Our old servers were not properly enforcing disk quotas.

So it’s possible that you have more than 1 GB of files. After the migration you still have all your files, but your new account on aqua-new.rahul.net is now exceeding its 1 GB quota. And, most importantly, as soon as we change your email to go to the new server, it will begin to bounce due to lack of storage space.

From the command line, the quota command will show you your usage and your quota, and you will see a * (an asterisk) after a number if you are exceeding a quota.

From within Virtualmin, go to Virtualmin => Edit Virtual Server => Quotas and Limits.

Before you ask us to switch all your rahul.net mail to the new server, and before January 10 when we will make the switch anyway, please take steps to delete un-needed files on the new server and get down below your disk quota.

We can temporarily increase your disk quota for the migration, but only if you make an explicit request. The temporary increase will last until 31 January 2021.

The above might also be true for other account types in selected cases, so please check.

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Another hint. You might find it easier to clean up un-needed files on the old servers. Then send us a request to refresh your OLD files on the new server as mentioned in the migration procedure. Files that you delete on the old servers will also get deleted in OLD during the refresh.

This is especially useful if you are cleaning up old mail.

Any CL1G user who needs to upgrade to CL5G for the rest of the year may do so for a one-time $25 fee. We don’t have a general upgrade rate schedule, but I think we need this for some users who have been using more than a gigabyte in their old Drop-in accounts.

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