A2I Communications

DirectAdmin server being renamed

DirectAdmin servers are being renamed as follows.

The old server jade.rahul.net is being renamed to jade-old.rahul.net.

The old server orange.rahul.net is being renamed to orange-old.rahul.net.

The old server sunshine.rahul.net is being renamed to sunshine-old.rahul.net.

The names jade.rahul.net and sunshine.rahul.net will both be repointed to the new server jade-new.rahul.net.

The name orange.rahul.net will be repointed to the new server orange-new.rhul.net

The purpose is to keep old DNS servers valid. So if a domain uses jade.rahul.net and orange.rahul.net, or sunshine.rahul.net and orange.rahul.net, as its name servers, these will remain valid even after we (eventually) decommission the old servers.