A2I Communications

All Classic Linux mail on new server Janury 10 + other warnings

The following is relevant if you have not taken steps to follow our Classic Linux migration procedure. If you have been following the migration procedure, then quite likely none of this will affect you (but please take a look just in case).

  • On or around January 10, all rahul.net incoming mail will be switched (if not already switched at your request) to the new server aqua-new.rahul.net.

For custom domains:

  • Any custom domains not already added to the new server by the customer will be added by us. Provided we don’t accidentally leave some out, which can happen, because we have many nonstandard configurations with incomplete records.
  • But the nameserver switch for the domain must be done by you at your own domain registrar.

If you haven’t done the nameserver switch, mail will continue to go to old servers. Once you switch your nameservers, mail will then begin to go to the new server.

Our making these changes will not cause loss of email. It will go to either the old servers or the new server. Just so long as you check mail on both, you will get all mail. However, if you wait for us to make the switch, you have less control over the schedule, and maybe the switch will occur at a time when you are busy with other things.


  • If you don’t switch your domain’s DNS at least 2–3 days before our old servers go offline, then some or all mail will try to go to the older servers, which will not be there any more, and your mail will then bounce back to the sender.

Update: if you have no custom domain, i.e., you use only rahul.net, then you can follow a much-simplified migration procedure:

Just a clarification. We will add a domain to your migrated account only if it appears that you were not aware of the migration. I.e., you have an active account but you were not logging in or checking mail, etc, during the last few weeks.