A2I Communications

Looking for cloud migration volunteers to test new servers

I am looking for volunteers to help test our migration to the cloud.

After you volunteer, a functional replica of your existing account will be created on a new cloud server. This functional replica will be entirely independent of your existing account. You will be able to access it via a slightly different domain. The test account won’t be permanent – we will eventually delete it and replace it with the actual final migrated account. It will however give you an opportunity to make sure nothing breaks for you when the final migration occurs. Please don’t store any valuable data in the test account.

DirectAdmin accounts will be migrated to DirectAdmin in the cloud running all new software versions.

Classic Linux accounts will migrate to a standard Linux environment in the cloud, albeit running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Ubuntu generally has newer software versions than CentOS does, and in exchange we give up some of the legendary stability of CentOS.

The Classic Linux environment will be running the Virtualmin control panel, which is designed to stay out of the way unless you really want to use it. So you can stay in the Linux shell, or manage your account from the control panel, or both, and the two will not interfere with one another.

Classic Linux in the cloud will support both MySQL (or MariaDB) and PostgreSQL. Also Mailman mailing lists. Also a simple Git interface from the web. Also Procmail filtering as usual.

Both environments will give you multiple versions of PHP from which you can choose.

You can get a test account in either environment (or both) regardless of your current account type.

You can volunteer by posting a reply here or by sending email to support@rahul.net. It will still be few weeks before you actually get the test account. Questions are welcome – please ask by posting here unless it’s private.